Fashion Designer

My name is Mouy and I am pleased to introduce you to myself and my purse company. While on a weekend journey out to the area near Kompot, we came across a small store which was adorned with unique and colorful purses.
I was immediately intrigued and went inside the shop and inquired about the unique items and where they were made. The shop owner introduced herself and went on to tell the story behind the purses. She explained that they were made in a village not far away and that she actually grew up in the village and that her mother had taught her at a young age the art of purse-making. The village has a long standing tradition of weaving and creating beautiful handmade pieces. The shop owner went on to say that she and a group of women within the village came together to revive the art form of weaving and making the purses. Each piece is a unique piece with vibrant color, intricate designs and attention to detail. I was completely drawn to the uniqueness and elegance of each individual piece.
I was offered the opportunity to go to the village and see first hand the process in creating the small purses. I was able to know the process firsthand and even offered a chance to try my hand at the weaving process. I learned about the locally sourced materials which go into the process of weaving and making of their craft. I was deeply touched by their personal stories of the women in the village. Through their craft, they not only support their families but also preserve their cultural heritage and uplift their community.
I was so touched by my experience that I decided to support these artisans by promoting their handmade purses to all. I not only wish to remind travellers that exploring new places is only part of the experience, but also connecting with the local communities that you meet along the way. You will not only appreciate the creativity, but you will also be making a positive impact on their lives.
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